Nr.6 - Inspired by Alien by Thierry Mulger

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What does Alien by Thierry Mulger Smell Like?

Theirry Mulger’s Alien is a captivating interplay between three distinct olfactory revelations:

  • Solar Revelation: The journey begins with a radiant burst of warmth. Jasmine Sambac from India, the star ingredient, exudes a heady, sun-drenched sweetness that embodies feminine power.
  • Woody Revelation: As the fragrance unfolds, woody notes emerge, creating a mysterious and captivating scent experience. Cashmeran wood adds a touch of depth and sensuality, while cashmere wood whispers of comfort and intrigue.
  • Ambergris Revelation: The base unfolds with the rich, earthy warmth of amber. This precious resin adds a touch of opulence and sensuality, leaving a long-lasting trail that lingers on the skin.

The combined effect is nothing short of mesmerising. Alien is a fragrance that is both powerful and delicate, sweet and mysterious. It’s a scent that leaves a lasting impression, a testament to the creativity and expertise of perfumers Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere.

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