Nr.2 - Inspired by Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

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The Scent Characteristics of Red Door

Red Door is a masterful blend of various floral and oriental notes that create a harmonious and luxurious aroma. Let’s unpack the fragrance categories and families that Red Door falls into.

At its heart, the fragrance features a symphony of floral scents, including the delicate lily of the valley, vibrant freesia, and romantic wild violets. These are seamlessly intertwined with the deeper, more sensuous notes of red rose and Moroccan orange flower, adding a layer of complexity and allure.

Further enriching its bouquet are hints of jasmine and ylang-ylang, which lend a touch of exoticism and femininity. The base notes of oakmoss, sandalwood, and honey provide a warm, grounding finish, ensuring the fragrance’s lasting power on the skin. This intricate blend results in a scent that is both elegant and unmistakably confident, making Red Door an emblem of sophistication.

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